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Perched at an idyllic village Naruvamoodu in Thiruvananthapuram, Shiva Vilasom Ayurveda Vaidyasala an erstwhile ayurvedic health care and medicine dispensing center was established in the year 1930 by physicians Vaidyan Parameshwaran Pillai and his son Vaidyan Bhaskaran Nair. Their only mission was to prepare natural cures for every ailment of their time. Through years of relentless and painstaking effort and research, they prepared different and unique ayurvedic concoctions to treat people with the common cold to people with chronic diseases. People came from far and wide to this small ayurvedic clinic to get treated and buy these unique concoctions for their ailments. Later in the year 1998 “Shiva Vilasom Ayurveda Vaidyasala” was rechristened as “Chaithanya Herbals” and started to function as a professionally managed ayurvedic business house.

Today Chaithanya Herbals functions as a well-established manufacturing division producing medicinal products for different ailments. Chaithanya Herbals is manufacturing a wide range of ayurvedic medicines and formulations at its GMP-certified factory in Thiruvananthapuram. Reputed for quality, all traditional medicines and special patent products are prepared with utmost care and strict measures are adhered to for quality control in a well-equipped mechanized factory, ensuring most modern standards and kept in perfect hygienic conditions.


To work with people who are committed to having a great business partner, to have elated customers, to meet people and create things with them, to reach out to people and provide them with the benefits of Ayurveda.


To be the only choice of the people, to render everyone with the benefits of uncompromising quality in product and service with a comprehensive guarantee of satisfaction.

To contribute our potential to help people live a healthy life as we care for them deeply and to remain genuinely committed to our mission.

Healing People Around Asia & Europe over 80 years


The FOUNDER of CHAITHANYA HERBALS is Late Shree Parameswara Swamikal. He was a sage in all sense and had an un canny knack for finding and identifying medicinal plants. He was born in 1900 and died in 1988. Paramaswara Swamikal realised the burning need of the medical assistance to the people and had decided to establish his SIVAVILASAM AYURVEDA VAIDYASALA in Naruvamoodu, near Thiruvananthapuram in 1930.This was a Health Care and Medicine dispensing centre and he was assisted by his son Bhaskaran Nair. People came from far and wide to this Vaidyashala to get treated and to buy their unique Ayurvedic concoctions for their ailments.

After the demise of Paramaswara Swamikal, his son Bhaskaran Nair took over the complete charge of Shiva Vilasam Ayurveda Vaidyashala. By this time Vaidyan Bhaskaran Nair had  learned from his father all the techniques and secrets of Ayurveda and had become a complete physician. He had become an expert in all the divisions like identification of medicinal plants and herbs, manufacturing techniques, diagnosis and treatment etc.  Because of the ever increasing huge demand for his medicines, he had slowly started manufacturing the classical medicines in large quantity and these were distributed to various other dispensing centers run by other physicians. Later in the year 1998 Shiva Vilasam Ayurveda Vaidyashala was re christened as CHAITHANYA HERBALS in the year 2016, the renowned physician Bhaskaran Nair departed us at the age of 92.

Late Shree Parameshwara Swamikal

Late Shree Bhaskaran Nair

Vaidyan Bhaskaran Nair’s youngest son Mr. B. AJIKUMAR, had actively joined in this traditional Ayurvedic Medicine field and he played the major role in the formation and development of Chaithanya Herbals to the way it is today. By this time, he already had taken his academic degrees in Sidha and Ayurveda disciplines. To his credit, he got enough exposure in all the divisions of Ayurveda including manufacturing, identification, treatment etc. right from his formative age as he was closely associated and involved in his father’s traditional Vaidyashala. Today, under the efficient and able leadership of Mr. B. AJIKUMAR and also with the strength of 87 years of glorious tradition to back up M/S CHAITHANYA HERBALS has established itself as one of the most modern Ayurvedic Medicine Manufacturing unit in South India.


The unit is having the latest state of art technologies and most modern infrastructure like plant and machinery to cope up with any manufacturing challenges. The core manufacturing process is still done, absolutely in tandem with the traditional methods as specified in the age old texts. All the medicines are processed and manufactured in the traditional methods without compromising the sanctity of the science.  However, keeping in view of the advancement of modern technology, the unit also had embraced the modern way  by installing equipments for testing  raw material and finished goods, in R&D division, Packing division and Cleaning Division


The ethical division comprises of the various medicinal formulation which comes under the category of prescription particulars

They comprise of the following class

  • Kasayas (Aqueous extracts)
  • Arishtas and asavas (Fermentation products)
  • Choornas (Powders)
  • Medicated oils
  • Medicated ghees
  • Avalehas
  • Avarthees



It comprise of various products which are OTC. They cover the spectrum of Aesthetics, Neutraceutics and Healthcare products. Aesthetics include the particular like Greengram powder, Turmeric order, Multan mitti, Kumkumaditailam which can be used on daily routine. Neutraceuticals are some of the avaleha products which give a Therapeutic value and nutritive value. Health care items which are patent products like Pranaplus, Thippali cough syrup, Naruneendi  syrup, Kasasuda. In addition to these product, in the classical sector we have launched our new venture consisting three class of product , namely.

  • Kasaya Sookshma Choornas
  • Soft Gel Capsules
  •  Tablets

We manufacture and market around 72 Kasaya sookshma choornas including Pachanmmrutham, Nirgundyadi, Kokilaksham, Pathyakusthumbaryadi etc. Soft gel capsules are eight in number, namely Nirgundierandam, Nimbamruthandierandam, Sukumaraerandam, Sahacharadi 21 A, Dhanwantharam 101 A, Kheerabala 101 A, Maharajaprasaranitailam, Gandhatailam.

Tablets launched come under two headings; Kasayam tablets and Classical tablets. We have the license for 32 kasayam tablets and 15 classical DS tablets. Kasasyam tablets are made from the kasaya itself as per the classical reference of ghanavati mentioned in Ashtangasamgraha, making it effective as kasaya and more palatable and user friendly to the patient.

Double strong tablets are strictly classical tablets with classical reference. The methods of preparation are according the classical reference itself, with some made under agnipaka (Cooking with fire) and other by mere grinding and tableting.


At Chaithanya herbals, all the products are manufactured strictly adhering to the traditional standards at the same time utilizing new technologies. To maintain quality, all the medicines are prepared strictly in the traditional way mentioned in the classical texts of Ayurveda like Asthangahrdayam, Sahasrayogam, Charakasamhitha.

We have technical experts (Qualified Ayurveda Doctors) in Quality control (QC) and Quality assurance (QA) department to ensure the quality. From the time of procurement of raw material till the packing and dispensing is under the supervision of technical staff. The raw materials procured are checked for the organoleptic evaluation and phytochemical characterization for assurance of genuinity and if not proven genuine they are rejected. Manufacturing process is watched throughout by the technical staff, to assure that the SOP’s are followed.

The final product obtained is undergone testing in our lab and compared with standards. The parameters mentioned in the PLIM are evaluated for all the batches and are kept as records for future reference. Our medicines have been standardized by the Herbs India Charitable society approved by Drug Controllers Department


R&D wing is constituted by qualified doctors and other qualified staff. We focus our research and development efforts on developing new and innovative medicines in all major therapeutic areas and to include the novel drug delivery systems. All the new medicines formulated are undergone animal studies followed by clinical studies at the authorized centers. Then they are submitted for license along with the study reports. Only after acquitting the license they are manufactured and marketed.